Sunday, June 17, 2007

Heaven? From Me 2 We 4 All. Or Hell.

whether personal ... or... global happens in moving from
me 2 WE 4 ALL.

Hell is the alternative.



Anonymous said...

Phew. Your mind must really be cooking as you march back and forth in the summer heat in front of the Sudanese Embassy. I'm so impressed, not only by your vision and consistency, but also by your creativity and skills. I surely hope people start asking you about what you think it would take to end tragedies such as Darfur, Palestine, Rwanda, Cambodia. How do we entice the dictators into loving action? How do we stop the arms race? Please, Start, find solutions and share them, let's debate them, Loving.

et in dc

Start Loving said...

Dear et,

Hey, whatever Our Father wants... but it seems almost scary (good scary) that Our Father has connected me with you. I wonder where this will go?

I assume you are the "et" that left the message. I am deeply overjoyed and deeply pleased and encouraged with your comment.

It has been pretty clear for most of my life that Our Father seems determined to have me work alone. He needs a few folks to do that. NOT for the purpose of BEING alone, but every army needs "advance men" and women, special agents and such.

But, on the other hand, it makes no sense that S/He would keep me alone all the time. In goal-submitted collaboration I am 100 times more productive / creative / effective....

Blah. Blah. Blah. :-) I do run on, I know.

Thanks dear. Your Loving brother,

Start :-) [Hey Father? I wouldn't mind if you kept me and et a team for a while. Please think about it Pop. Wouldn't that be a nice "Father's Day" gift for You? We could do your family a lot of Good! Please? Yes, Your will be done. I know. Please?]